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CC Moore Ultra Essence - Hazelnut

CC Moore Ultra Essence - Hazelnut

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All the 'essences' in the CC Moore flavor range will dramatically increase the attractiveness profile of any bait product, delivering a distinctive aroma and powerful feed-stimulating flavor to boilie, hookbait, loose feed and stick/bag mixes, making them highly attractive to fishing.


Ultra Hazelnut Essence Properties:

  • Thin, oily, golden yellow colored liquid flavor
  • Rich, smooth attractive, strong nutty flavour
  • Deep, round, on the verge of 'alcoholic' nutty aroma
  • Oily taste spreads through the water column
  • Excellent in boilie mixes for nuts, milk and bird food
  • Excellent in particles with hemp oil
  • Highly effective at low concentrations in pellet, particle and spod mixes
  • PVA friendly - excellent mixes in bag and sticks at low levels
  • Flavor base: Oil


Usage tip:

Use up to 10ml/kg in boilies and loose feed mixes or up to 10ml/egg when making high-attract hookbaits. Excellent in combination with other products with a cream, fruit or nut profile.


User info:

This product should be kept cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.


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